Monday, August 22, 2011

No, I'm Not Dead ... Unfortunately

Just here for some quick updates.
I know I don't blog about myself often, and I'm not planning to make this a regular thing in the future, but I just thought I'll pop in to give everyone an update.

I have (somewhat successfully) lived through my bout with cold, so it's alright, I'm still here. 
Did you miss me? Probably not...

The reason why I haven't be blogging lately (this bit is real) is because I feel completely un-inspiration-ized (is that a word?). You know the usual: School's out for summer, no one's teaching me anything, brain begins to rot. The good news is, school is starting soon, so I should be able to churn out some new stuff in the near future.

It's an important book.
The only problem is,
will you ever finish reading it?
However, just because I haven't been writing here doesn't mean I haven't be writing. I'm currently working on what is (hopefully) a book. Not the awesome kind, but the kind you do for fun. Chapter One came out today, and I'd love to be given the opportunity to push y'all into reading it.

Here's the thing about writing: If you're not constantly being criticized, you're not going to learn. If you're always given praises (not that I don't like them!) my head is going to get full of myself, until I eventually explode. So, I would love for all of you, fellow bloggers or lurking readers, to grab that whip and attack me with criticism. I'm in dire need of some of those. After all, it's the internet, you can do what you want. I don't know who you are, so I can't get you into trouble.
...Or can I?

Just kidding. But yes, definitely do feel free to attack with criticism. I really am in need of them.

Yellow Bricks.
Hard to come by...
Follow this LINK to the Yellow Brick Road, and then just keep going from there.

PS: One last thing. If you've read the chapter and would like to leave a message from there, just highlight some words and click the comment button on the top. Write the word "Mudkips" into the message so I'll know you came from this blog!