World of Kabobian Things

This page shall be used to record my many Fandubbing Fails.

A quick introduction for those who don't know this:
I have a youtube account in which I use mainly for me and my failure attempts at singing.

Currently I am singing songs in:
Chinese (Mandarin)
English (actually, I should be, but I haven't done that yet)

All of these songs are fandubs of songs that I enjoy.
The main purpose of this is for me to improve. I am currently singing songs both on my own and in groups, but for this page, I will mostly post songs I sing on my own unless I have permission from everyone who is involved in a group song for me to post it here.
Ordered from most recent to oldest:


Shouganai Yume Oibito (Hopeless Dream Chaser) - Morning Musume

Namida no Iro (Colour of Tears) - °C-ute

My Sweet Heart - Tokyo Mew Mew

Piece of Love - Mermaid Melody

Beautiful Wish - Mermaid Melody