Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creationism or Evolution? Or are they the Same?

Life Complications ~ Part 17

A while ago in science class, we had a very interesting conversation about the Creationism and the Evolution theory of mankind (and womenkind). Our teacher told us that although both theories are polar opposites of each other, he personally believed that a little bit of both were at work at the same time, simply because both theories are right in their own way.

NOTE: Mr.ScienceTeacher and I are both atheists, however, we both regard religion highly (my teacher comes from a religious background, and I myself was brought up to keep an open mind, plus, I love to read different "holy books" or bibles if you will) and thus, this post is in no way trying to brainwash or disagree with those who strongly believe in only Creationism or Evolution. Please accept our sincere apologies beforehand if this post offends you (or your religion) in any way.

Picture this:
God created something, which he named "man". From the something, God created something else, which he named "woman". God puts this "man" and this "woman" together in this place which he calls a "garden", and tells them to get along with each other. God also created many other things to keep "man" and "woman" company, and one of them He named "snake". While God wasn't looking, "snake" tricked "man" and "women" into thinking that "snake" was nice and innocent, and as a result both "man" and "woman" were banned from the "garden".
Now picture this.
Time created something, which he named "cell1". From the something, Time created something else, which he named "cell2". Time puts this "cell1" and this "cell2" together in this place which he calls a "planet", and tells them to get along with each other (split into more cells). Time also created many other things to keep "cell1" and "cell2" company, and one of them He named "virus". While Time wasn't looking, "virus" tricked "cell1" and "cell2" into thinking that "virus" was nice and innocent, and as a result both "cell1" and "cell2" were banned from the "planet" (cell1 and cell2 disappeared from the Earth because they changed into cell3 and cell4, and evolution continues).
Sounds familiar?
Both Creation and Evolution can be roughly touched upon by changing the names of those involved. The name is not important, but by simply changing this name, we get a history full of endless fights and debates over something that technically can possibly be the exact same thing. All of a sudden, these heated arguments between the church and the science professors become loving bickering between the parents of a newborn regarding if the child in question should be named Lucy or Lucie. 
Of course, this is just one example with one religion, but if you care to try it with your own, I'm sure results will be similar.

If you think about it, both Creationism and Evolutionism has their loopholes and unanswered questions. Its possible that both the Theory of Creation and the Theory of Evolution meant one huge thing. For example, take some time to think about this:
  • How Long does it Take to Create the World?
    In one religion, it is believed to have taken God 6 days to create the world and everything in it. However, is that six 24hour days? Even on Earth, the length of a day has changed from around 8 hours (in dinosaur time) to our current 24 hours, and will doubtlessly continue to change. Is God following our time, or is God using a differently timed watch? Is it possible that, to God, a day is the equivalent of millions of our years? Is it possible that the "creation time" isn't over yet? Are we still being created? Is that why our climate is changing, our species evolving, our astronauts finding new stars and planets? Is that why we're evolving?

  • God / Evolution Created Man?
    What IS Man? There's been many different types of "man" that have already been found by scientists and historians, and there are doubtlessly many more to be found. Which one did God create? Perhaps, back in the old days, "man" = atom, and then evolution turned us into what we currently look like, over millions of years?

  • How do we Explain...?
    The Big Bang theory? The evolution of mankind? Ice Ages? Climate Change? Some of our questions about our world can be "explained" by things we think we understand. Climate change is due to the Sun's radiation change, and it happens regularly every few million years. Evolution happens because we realize the old needs to be changed for us to become better. Do we REALLY know the answer? Why does the Sun change? Why do we need to change ourselves? And how did the Big Bang start? What's the reason? Is there a higher power?

If you think long enough, maybe you'll start to realize that somewhere in the back, hidden in the shadows of Mankind's "theories" and "knowledge", there was someone there all along, nudging us along the path of life. Neither theory can explain fully how we come to be. Both theories are vague, can be interpreted in many ways, and makes great Debating topics. 
Personally, I think a little of both was involved.

And who knows, maybe our silent prayers never are heard and acknowledged. Just like the tree falling in the forest. If no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Or maybe...God is watching us, laughing silently at the Comedy Show of life, with a bowl of freshly popped Popcorn.

Isn't life exciting?
What do you think? Which theory do you lean more towards?

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PS: I realized that while writing this, I have (accidentally) made both God and Time males...are they boys or girls? Or neither?

PPS: Yesterday, my brother asked me what a church was. I tried to explain to him and started talking about gods and religions and different types of religions, etc. When I finished, he asked if one God would go to another God if the first God received a prayer to help the sick, but the first God wasn't strong/powerful enough to help them...

PPPS: I understand that both Religion and Evolution are huge topics that should not be joked around with, and I've probably stepped on many toes while writing this, but I wanted to try and show a different perspective into an very old and somewhat overused topic, so please forgive me!