Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Bird!, It's a Plane!...

...actually, no, it IS a bird! A Twitty-Bird!

Just a quick update to document the important things I've done today, which includes (and only includes..) making a Twitter Account!
So back on January 1st, I asked my readers on this blog for possible suggestions/improvements, etc etc. I did get a commenter suggesting the use of Facebook in order to connect more to my readers (you!).

However, since I have spent most of last week and this week murdering criticizing Facebook and it's privacy problems, I feel that making an account on the Big Blue F might be just a teensy bit hypocritical.
So, I thought I would move over to the next biggest (and coincidentally, also blue) thing: Twitter.

Now, I don't know about expressing my ideas in 140 words (I can barely get anything published here that is less than 500!) but I would be very happy to share my half-born ideas with the Twitty. Of course, discussions about topics/posts of interest will also be rather welcomed! If you feel like reaching me about something, drop me a line (which can be done by scrolling through my sidebar).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to feed a very hungry baby bird.
Anyone knows what it eats?

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PS: Blue = the non-appetizing, but very sociable color. What does that tell you about being popular and eating yummy foods? The world is full of dangerous influences, if you just know where to look...