Saturday, December 5, 2009

Debate: BIRT I am Wonderful!

The Government would like to define the following terms for clarity:
BIRT = Be it Resolved That
I = The individual that is writing this (ME!)
Wonderful = To be in a pro state of wonder-ness

Now see what you've got against THAT!
Its always fun to start new blogs, and this one is not any different. HOWEVER, it is even more important to start the blog in question with something interesting, expecially if you are well known for writing very boring-ish-ly, which indeed is the case. Thus, I shall do my best to start with at least one good interesting blog that I can always refer back to and say: "See? I don't ALWAYS fail!"


Back to the main topic today. In case you didn't figure it out yet, today's topic is about the 2 day Canadian Parlimentary Debate Competition I attended with the rest of the Debate Club at my school.

I shall try my best to summarize what happened throughout these 2 days, which, although were very stressful, were also quite enjoyable. [insert =D face here]
No pictures, sorries! But until I get enough money to actually afford a camera there shall be no pictures...AT ALL...

First of All: School Teams!
Each Debate Team consisted of 2 students, and there were 3 teams from my school in the debate. (Initials ONLY!)

Team A               Team B               Team C
G.                      L.                       C.G
J.                     YT                        S.L

The teams were assigned in alphabetical order for no particular reason. The actual name of my team was [SchoolName] C.

Mr. EnglishTeacher (the truely wonderful human who coached us) obvously came to see us compete. He ALSO was one of the judges (although none of us got him as a judge [which is obvious..])

THUS: Here was the schedule for the 2 days: York Schedule was WAYYY too long to put here...

Anyways, Here were Results: (Don't have them yet...)

Personal Opinion: I think my group did pretty good as far as newbies went. It was our first time debating and we definitly did learn a lot and find places where we could have improved on...
Also, Mr. EnglishTeacher said that the judges were not able to fully realize the greatness of my debating style so I was marked harsher than I should have been, but since this is what all teachers say, I'll just continue to work on how I can improve and bring my mark higher next time.
Definitly was enjoyable. I think I saw a lot of stuff I didn't know about the world.

Current Goal: February's Junior Debate Competition!

Today's Surroundings: Mountains & Rivers
Today's Object: Licorice
Today's Feelings: White