Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wanted Objects are Further than they Appear

Life Complications ~ Part 3

Blogging from School: Take 5
Business class musings once again. Learning about Microsoft PowerPoint. Lots of fun...

Anyways, according to one not-so-recent study that was conducted a while ago, people see wanted objects closer than they actually are. But...where does these items come from?
Thus:Serené's Wanted Objects

Part 1: The Desert
The dry desert wind shapes the sand dunes, covering a lone pair of footsteps. Far ahead, a girl was walking. She knows not where she is, or where she's going, but with the sun beating over her head, and no end in sight, she has one wish she must fulfill.
All of a sudden, a glass of refreshingly cool water appears, floating in midair...
5 miles away, in a hut in the middle of a desert town, a woman sat and got ready to prepare the corn dough for the meal. She rests her aching arms as she claps the flour off her hands and reaches for the glass of water that she had placed there earlier. She find an empty glass, still cool with the water's condensation, in her hands.

Part 2: The Moon
Mr.Astronaut knew that the end of the world was near. He was stranded, his spaceship destroyed, when he veered off-course during his mission to Mars. He had no connection with ground control, and the screen in his helmet showed that his oxygen tank was almost empty.
Out in the horizon, a mysterious foggy spot appears, floating in midair. The Astronaut feels a moment of hope, and he uses his last energy to run to the unknown fog. He takes off his helmet, submerged his head into the unknown fog, and takes a deep breath...
Somewhere on Earth, a person is walking down the street. Suddenly, they catch their breath and pause from breathing for a second. After doubling back, this person finds a curious spot where the oxygen is...missing...

. . .

But that really makes you think. Why does the mirrors on the sides of cars have an "Objects in this Mirror are Closer than they Appear" warning on them? Perhaps the same theory works the other way around, and unwanted objects are seen as farther than they actually are?
Does this still work if the car in question happens to be one of those really awesome ones?

Now, if you would excuse me for a second...I seem to see a shiny Report Card in the distance. And Oh My Gosh is that a 97% average? I'm SOOO getting that...

Today's Surroundings: Hazy Light
Today's Object: Dust
Today's Feelings: Violet

Brother: Eh? Where'd my Report Card go?