Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Life Complications ~ Part 7

Remember being told in grade 2 about being brave and talking to/meeting new classmates?
What about grade 7, when we were told about building confidence and self-esteem, which, apparently, will "play a big role" throughout our lives?

Well, here's something new.
According to this particular News Item we need to stop listening to those teachers of ours.

It appears that the level of confidence among particular individuals has gone steadily up throughout the past few years.
By particular individuals I mean the whole population of Americans...in post-secondary education.
By "gone steadily up" I mean an unhealthy increase in units of...inches? Or whatever measuring unit they use for confidence...
By "past few years" I mean...well...the past few years. 15 years, to be exact.

The article also claims that confidence is actually NOT the secret to success, opposite to what we've be brought up on. Too much confidence is directly related to failure, job problems, social issues, political decisions, and family issues.

What are we missing?
Oh yeah, increasing confidence can also be directly related to suicide rates...
Now, don't quote me on this because I'm in no way a scientific person, but I stand by my point.

Serené's Inner-eye Cinema
*Today's movie = Ice Age 3*
Jump [cue music]
I believe I can flyyy!
Contact with tree...

Simple, innit?

However, I'm fairly surprised as to why people would actually publish articles about this...
Well, what do you expect?
High school, elementary students all know the importance of university education at a young age.
The society now give people the sense that university is the answer to all problems.

Serené's List of Reasons to Post-Secondary
1. Its too cold to be homeless
2. It sounds very fun (apparently)
3. Either more schooling, or get BBQed by parents
4. Money
5. Save your parents face, lets them brag at work

6. ..You don't wanna get BBQed, do you?

I have personally been told that jobs are that much better with university, that I won't be respected with anything lower than a PhD.

Either that, or we go back to the Stone Ages.
Which one would you prefer?

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Today's Object: Glass
Today's Feelings: Darker Purple

PS: I personally don't think this problem only occurs to Americans, so please don't attack me due to that. I'm only using Americans because that's what the news article is about.
This is the result, narcissism.