Monday, March 22, 2010

Stereotypes ... Oxygen's Good Companion

Life Complication ~ Part 6

Anyways, before I begin, I want to explain one thing. I sometimes consider myself a very multi-cultural person, and not because my grandparents were from different ends of the universe (my grandpa was from Planet Zakbob, and my grandma was from Planet Hakbar, and they're only about 37.529 light years away, heck, they even spoke the same dialect) but because I had the opportunity (or curse, whichever one you prefer) to move around a LOT in my short, short, short (ok, not that short) life, and it wasn't because my parents were running from the police.

Instead, I had to go through something that was doubtlessly very common with all people in my situation; that when one's parents makes a big move from one side of the ocean to another, they tend to take a while (in my case 6 years) to settle down in a community. What usually ends up happening is that if they had a child that was of school age during this time, the child in question would usually have a lot of "first days" of school. Which is actually quite a lot of fun.
What I'm trying to say through this is that I've seen many different groups of people. Good schools, not-as-good schools, mixed schools, not-as-mixed schools, good communities, not-as-good communities, you name it, I've probably been there at least once. So as far as stereotypes can go, I think I can successfully say that I've definitely seen a few of them.
However, I suppose stereotypes are like oxygen. Its there, but we ignore it.
But its still there...
Watching ... and waiting

Now, being a blogger and a user of many other online "communities" such as Youtube, DeviantArt, forums, etc, I also have my share of the so-called "Internet Acquaintances" and it really goes to show just how far stereotypes can take you.
I've found that if you are talking to someone you haven't seen before, the tone and words you speak (or in this case, type) with are different.

Here's something else to think about:
It seems that many people unconsciously have mental images in their heads about what the person they are talking/typing to or reading about looks like. Are you one of those?

Kind of weird, don't you think?
I wonder if the way you read this post will change if you know what I look like?
*Strokes Goatee*

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PS: I'm kidding about that goatee ... really