Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning ... No Dust Involved

Ok, maybe a LITTLE bit of dust.
I was going through my posts when I noticed an awfully large amount of draft posts, and I decided to spring clean them out.

Thus, today's post will be a clean-up post of little snippets of ideas that have entered and exited my mind quietly, like all good little ideas do.

Serené's Self to Self Conversations

January 19, 2010
Have you ever wondered why?

When War starts, countries unite in the blink of an eye
(well, both eyes, cause if its one eye it will be called an wink, and NOT a blink)

When Climate Change or Peace is involved, no one wants to work ALL
Somewhat strange, don't you think?

Maybe, if we use war to fix the climate and bring peace into effect, it might actually work better!

February 19, 2010
When Cultures Meet

...its often not a very good thing.

When you happen to belong to both cultures in some way?
Its even worse.

I pity you...
Actually...I pity myself...

Don't ask, I'm not totally sure myself what my train of thought at that time was...

Yups. I feel so much more accomplished

Today's Surroundings: Hazy Clouds
Today's Object: Stamp
Today's Feelings: Pale Orange