Thursday, March 18, 2010

To TXT or Not to TXT, That is the Question

Life Complications ~ Part 5

73x+!n9: 3@5y 70 wr!+3, 3@5y 70 r3@d, 3@5y 70 u53.
Texting: Easy to write, easy to read, easy to use...

Ok...maybe not THAT easy.
A few days ago, I looked over the shoulder of a friend who was texting away in class on her cell phone. What I found was a natural phenomenon. What resulted?

Me: Woah! I didn't know you speak Kabobian! (See Planet Kabob)
She: The what?
Me: Teach Me! *NudgeNudgeWinkNudgePokeNudge*
She: . . .

Uhh...yeah...this is what you call a One-Way conversation. Where both sides have such different perspectives that the conversation doesn't really make any sense...
In this case, it seems that a misunderstanding occurred..somewhere...but my awesome friend decided not to teach me Kabobian...*pouts*
Ah well, I'll learn...someday...

Going back to the real topic today...

Why? You ask?
Simple: Words also come and go in fashion. I suppose in this case, Txt would be the new "in" thing, the ones being showcased in Paris and London and stuff, the current language style would be the "was-in-before-but-now-starting-to-get-old" thing, and the Shakespeare stuff? That's the "awesome-but-if-used-its-Off-With-Your-Head!" thing.

Yeah. Blame fashion.

Today, Surroundings: Sunshine
Today's Object: Calculator
Today's Feelings: Light Yellow