Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Magic of Zeros

Life Complications ~ Part 13
(le Gasp!)

Have you ever noticed that life is getting harder the older you get? Not because you are getting smarter, or duller, nor is it because you now have 10 more kids to take care of compared to 5 years ago (Thats right, 5 sets of twins, one pair per year. Get yourself a TV series). Yes, that's right, stop blaming those talkative co-workers, or that really attractive/handsome person across the street. Stop blaming the traffic jam blocking you from getting to your workplace, and stop blaming the traffic jam blocking you from getting AWAY from the workplace. Stop blaming life, because its really not life that's giving you the trouble, but rather, its the circles around the boxes of your humanity.

Think about this:
Every morning, you wake up in a box to the sound of the loud beeping coming from another box. You sleepily attack the noisy box and slowly sit up in your box, rubbing your eyes (which hopefully are not boxes as well...). You sleepwalk into another box, hit the lights, and spend about 10 minutes washing your face and brushing your teeth with the help of another box. Then you walk to yet another box, and find your clothes. When you're done with that box, you go downstairs and open a box to find objects of interest for your breakfast. You use another box to heat the objects you found in the box, and then you sit down at a box to eat. When you're done, you clean up and put all the dirty dishes in a box, then walk out your door. You go outside and get into a box, and spend the next 3 and a half hours stuck in a stream of boxes, where you exercise your complete vocabulary of rude and un-innocent words.
Sound familiar?

Aha ha ha I just had you read a whole paragraph that isn't really related to the actual topic
Isn't that what life is about?

Now before you start blaming the boxes, and picking up the phone to get yourself a personal architect to design your house and car from a box into a triangle, do realize that there is nothing wrong with boxes. What you SHOULD blame, like I said before, are the circles.

Look out! It's a evil donut zero!
Think about it. The amount of money you earn SHOULD have increased over the last few years. Perhaps it is because you kept getting promoted. Perhaps it was because you were earning the minimum possible wage, and THAT increased. Either way, you should feel richer right? Minimum wage a few years ago (where I live) was roughly about 6 dollars per hour. Now, it is about 11 dollars per hour. If you were earning minimum wage, you would feel pretty good in yourself right? "I used to earn 6 dollars, and without having to work hard, I now get 5 more dollars per hour! Huzzah! God save the Queen!"

Not really.
Whenever minimum wage doubles, the cost of life triples. Technically speaking, you just got poorer.

So what was the use of all that?
I mean, all we did was increase the printing of bills, and kill more trees in the process.

Perhaps the president of a country keeps in touch with all the therapists within that country, and whenever these therapists witness a huge increase of depression due to lack of money, the president prints out a few more bills, and increases the cost for ordinary life objects? This way, the economy won't suddenly go weird, and the depressants will feel a lot better if they earn more, even if it doesn't make them richer.
Lets face it, earning $11/hour IS better sounding than earning $6/hour.

On the other hand:
Japan has (as far as I know) the most zeros in their currency. They have coins for 100s, and one of those coins can get you a candy bar...
When you hear the Japanese talk about everyday things, most of the costs involves 1000s, not because they spend a lot, but rather because of their money value. A drink at a coffee shop could be 8000, and that is, apparently, rather normal.
However, if you think of it this way, if their everyday items cost by thousands, then they must be earning MILLIONS!
Must be great for their self-esteem, eh?

I should get a job in Japan...

DISCLAMER: I am rather bad at business and currancy related stuff, so please don't quote me around the place, because that will get you in trouble with the surrounding people!

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PS: If zeros are so magical, why does Japan have the highest suicide rate?