Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Spring is well under-way in certain parts of the world, and some of the luckier folks are starting to see the little buds of summer in their gardens (Summer! Imagine that!). This post is, as you can see, geared towards those living in the northern hemisphere (for those living further south, I send you my condolences, and hope your weather (and your sanity) will recover soon. I hate the cold too!) but if you happen to be living down under, it's never too early to be pondering about spring.

Here's my question for you today:

Life Complications ~ Part 22

What determines a weed? Depending on your geographic location, your general description of weeds may be different, but I'm sure you've seen them before. And among those weeds, I bet my chocolate cupcake that there's at least one that flowers. You know, not the green, leafy weeds, but the kinds that grow petals and act as landing pads to bees. I'm sure you've seen weeds like that somewhere.

Take my neighborhood weed, for example. The ones we see most often up here are dandelions. Literally fields and fields of them (my geographic location also gives me a predisposition to see lots of empty grass fields). These little yellow buggers are actually quite nice, unless you're allergic to pollen or something similar. Halfway through the season, they change into their seeded counterparts, and its quite fun through the fields and scatter their fluffy seeds (again, not ideal for pollen allergists).

The thing is, these harmless (and free!) plants are rather discriminated against. People will go to all lengths to remove them from their gardens. And then when the dandelions are gone, they drive down to the nearest garden greenhouse to buy half-dead, smaller yellow flowers (at a ridiculously high price) to plant.

[ Get off my lawn, you horrible thing, you! ]
[ ~omnomnomnom~ ]
All that trouble simply because dandelions are considered to be weeds. But who considered them to begin with? People! Maybe one day we can consider them to be flowers, and we won't have to go though all the backbreaking work to replace flowers with other flowers. Who are we to choose which one's better, anyways?

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I refuse to pick up gardening...

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