Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enunciation. The Difference Between.

I do apologize for the lack of updates in the last long while. Blame end-of-school-year projects. I'll try to manage my time better though, so hopefully you'll see some more goings-ons in the near future.

Language Complications ~ Part 13

So you know what annoys me? Bad pronunciation.

Don't get it?
Allow me to explain.

So the other day, a group of people came to my school to celebrate the birthday of the famous person that my school was named after. They made this hugely long speech about how this person was kind, generous, and giving, and how, as a doctor, he saved the lives of many.
Nothing wrong with that, right?

However, every time he used the word "Selfless", what came out was "Selfish".

I mean, I understand the whole problem with accents (goodness, even I have one) and I give props to the speaker for trying, but no matter how much you try to keep these things from getting to you, it's really hard to ignore.
Especially since he kept repeating the phrase throughout his speech.
For the record, the principal was wearing rather uncomfortable heels, and kept wincing throughout the ceremony, particularly whenever "Selfless" came up in the speech.

26 letters in the english alphabet
Half a billion ways to get them wrong...
Intense, isn't it?
Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and the speaker was probably somewhat stressed as well (English wasn't his first language), so you can't blame the poor guy, but it did put him in a rather awkward spot and really brought down the temperature in the room. In the end, the only reason why the result was as bad as it was was because his mispronunciation gave way to an entirely different (and rather negative) word (this whole sentence is a grammar many "was"es).

What about you? Have you any words you're constantly mispronouncing? Did they ever cause you any trouble?

I have this thing was the "ch" sound. For example, instead of pronouncing "Chemical" the right way ("kenmecal') I use ("CHEN-mical"). Luckily for me, most of my friends seem to know what I'm talking about, and the only person who got confused was my science teacher. Still, it was somewhat embarrassing when I found out I was pronouncing it wrong all those years.

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