Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Arrival of Spring and the Loss of ... Well ...

Humans have always wanted what we didn't have. The same slice of pizza, on another person's dish, always seem more welcoming. The same grass, on another person's lawn, always looks greener (unless, of course, it has been pooped on, and thus has a more scientific reason for being green). Perhaps the one instance where we feel the most desire about is seasons and the outside temperature, especially if your current season is the one you most detest.

Life Complications ~ Part 21

Winter: tire-swing hibernation season
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't particularly hate winter, I just don't love it. Actually, if I wasn't such a well-mannered and compassionate being, I would hate winter. A LOT. Snow? Winds? Foggy glasses? Colds and Flu? Who needs all of that anyways? I could do with less ice and puddles. I could do with less layers of clothing. I can even go to church and come clean about my annual serial killing event; the continued, concentrated use of 2-ply tissues. However, as unlucky as it may be, I happen to live close enough to the North Pole to allow for 6 months of winter every year.
So you can imagine how much I look forward to sun, warmth, and the ability to see green under my feet again (even if it is a yellow-ed green).

However, now that spring has arrived, I've realized how imperfect this season is.
If we look aside the required amount of cold winds, rains, mud, and slush that comes with this rather messy season, there is one thing I'm sure all mothers (and teens with younger siblings) dread.

We have to share! The HORROR!
Share the little kids in our house, of course.

Now, I'm sure all mothers out there are hating the warmth the sun brings that lures out their children from their homes. Whether or not their intentions were evil, or even on purpose, spring has this sort of effect on little children (approx. under the age of 7) who have been pent up inside the house all during the cold winter.

Yes, we can add another sound to that infamous list: Spring, the bringer of birds and bees ... and rather loud children.
On the other hand, the house is finally empty, which is something I've been wishing for during the last 6 months.
Now that it's quiet, I feel rather lonely...

Oh dear, what is this feeling? Am I ...(god forbid)... wishing ... for winter?
Someone kill me. Now.

Lets not go though that roller coaster again, shall we?

Today's Surroundings: Warped and Full of Numbers
Today's Object: Bananas
Today's Colour: Green

PS: Do you have a favorite season that always ends up letting you down? How?