Friday, April 1, 2011

The Homo Sapien ... Fish?

When we talk about understanding our own species, we don't actually understand our own species. I mean, we still haven't completely figured out our family tree yet. Chimps, Gorillas, Apes, and other such species are still under debate and has not yet been accepted by all citizens of the world. Before we start monkeying around, however, have I got news for you! It seems that our newest candidate for the DNA Tree Throne is in fact ... the common fish!

Completely outrageous?
Actually, they're more similar to us than you think.

Life Complications ~ Part 20

Now, the one reason why fish have never been considered to be similar to humans is mostly because of their habitat and way of life. Fish-persons live in the water, 'nough said. They breathe air by consuming water through their mouth and filtering oxygen from the water using their gills. This "filtering" is considered to be a skill we humans cannot grasp, learn, and have no need for.

...or do we?

When we breathe in, we actually breathe a combination of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Pollution, among other things. Now, I can't say about the pollution, but we certainly are able to filter out the other unnecessary substances, which allows us to only intake oxygen into the rest of our bodies, and discard of the Nitrogen + Argon + unidentifiable substances out with the Carbon Dioxide. We have gills too, except they're not on our necks in full view. Our early ancestors probably found them unfashionable and decided to grow these gill-like filters inside our bodies instead.

You gotta give it to our ancestors, that was a pretty good decision. Can you imagine how hideous accessories such as necklaces or ties would look if we had gills on the side of our necks? Can you imagine how much harder it would be for police officers to identify a death as a victim of a throat slashing (is he dead, or are those simply his gills?).

Can you imagine how much more interesting Twilight would have been if Edward had found Bella's gills unappetizing?
"No, Bella, I'm not interested in you..."
"But Edward, without you, I won't be able to go on!"
"Oh bother..."

So as you can see, we really do have a lot in common.
So the next time you see a fish, remember. You may be looking at your long lost 3872046164th times removed cousin from your dad's side. While you're at it, remember to invite them to the next family gathering., it's good manners.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other fish to fry.
...oh that considered cannibalism now?...

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