Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little People + Innocence = A Whole Lotta Trouble

I apologize for my long absence here. Writer's Block has successfully taken over my brain. Plus the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear stuff in Japan. It made me want to rethink some of the things I had in my mind to write about, because I suddenly felt less in control of my life and my world.

Ah geez...that was a very depressing way to begin...
Anyways, allow me to tell you a story today:

Life Complications ~ Part 19

So some of you might know that I have a little brother. I've mentioned him a few times (although it was very rare and usually in my older posts). For those of you who don't know, my brother is currently 6, which puts him in Grade 1 here where I live.
One thing about my brother that you should know is that he's unbelievably selfless. When he wants to be. He's the type who would give you part of his cookie when you walk over to him. He's the type who would help you clean your room when you call him over. Really nice kid, he is. Sometimes, I wonder if one of us was adopted...

My brother also has this thing with money. Not that he's constantly asking for it, but he enjoys having a few coins to call his own. 
Does he use it? No he doesn't buy anything with it. Personally, I think he's attracted to the sound of coins dropping into his piggybank.
In order to supply himself with these extra pennies, my dad would take him to the Beer Store to return wine bottles (for 10 cents each). The problem is, my parents rarely drink, so this happens about once per year.

Thus, a few weeks ago, my brother had to do this little assignment at school. The teacher had asked everyone in the class what they would buy if they had 100 dollars. All the other little kids used the money for toys, pets, games, entertainment (movies and theme parks), and houses (yes, houses...).

However, my brother's response was something like this:
"If I had $100, I would buy beer for Dad."
Although it's apparent to us at home that my brother simply wanted to make the trip to the Beer Store more often to earn a few dimes, for people who does not know the initial story, this obviously looks very bad.

Shhhh~! Don't tell Mommy! It's a surprise!
Of course, you can imagine the reaction the teacher had after reading his entry.
You can also probably imagine the reaction my father had after reading my brother's homework.

Due to my brother's apparent innocence, his teacher now feels awkward at parent-teacher interviews and my dad is now known as a serious alcoholic.
Score: Children:1, Dads:0

To all the Fathers around the world: Beware of the little thing running around in your house (if it's still little). You never know just how they might choose to word their thoughts and ideas for the whole wide neighborhood to see.

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