Sunday, December 13, 2009


Local weather this week consists of cloudy, sunny periods with rain, sleet, and snow, southwest winds ranging from 1 to 100 light years per hour and stars at night...

*We have interupted the regular program to bring you breaking news for your entertainment*
I have a CAMERA!
[Insert Holy background music here]

Yes, my camera has arrived! It was preordered and I just picked it up from the store a while ago.
However, it seems that not everyone in my household agreed with my feelings of a new camera....

Mom: You better remember to pay me back...
Dad: Its of such horrible quality (my dad has one of those big professional cameras and he takes really skilled photos even though he does not take professional photos for his job)
Grandpa: When I was your age, we had to DRAW. Now you guys are so lazy and have a small person inside a box draw for you...
Brother: Would you like mashed camera for supper today? (Reference to the death of Potuck)

Anyways, passing that point, here are some things you may expect now that the great me is equipped with a camera:

1. NO people pictures!
    There probably will be pictures of crowds, but no actual person pictures!
    BEWARE of pedobears...

2. LOTS of pictures! we won't have to suffer with my horrible describing skills...

3. Really bad photos!
    Novice photo-taker + average camera = < Mona Lisa
    Plus I am not a photoshopper
    Please don't judge too hard!

And now, a random trial picture to end the day:

A picture of one of the dangly
flower prints on my window. 

I was playing around
with the "CloseUp" feature...

The weird reflection is my room

Today's Surroundings: Parade
Today's Object: Mirror
Today's Feelings: Silver