Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me > You! (Unless you're me. In that case, You > Me!)

Language Complications ~ Part 2

To tie in with my first Rant post, here is another phrase that usually appears about an average of 3-5 minutes after the first one:

You are you.


Of COURSE I'm Me! What do you expect me to be? You? NO THANKS! (although that would be fun)
Allow me to remind everyone about the simple anatomy of life and grammar:

Serené's Scientifically Correct Grammar Class:
Me == Me
Me =/= You  (Me > You)  (Just Kidding!)
Me =/= Tree
Me =/= House
Me =/= Pluto
Me =/= Coffee
Me =/= THAT
Me =/= Alien (or DO I...)

Me == Me

Thank you.
Please remember next time that oxygen is too precious to be used for useless talking of useless words...

Today's Surroundings: Maze
Today's Object: Math Book
Today's Feelings:                 (transparent)