Saturday, December 12, 2009

Unique-ly Normal...

Language Complications ~ Part 1

So, we all know that language is an IMPORTANT part of life, no matter which form you are using. One needs language to efficiently sum up their thoughts or feelings and mail it over [pardon the awkward pun] to their receiver, and he/she, it, or that thing will send back another idea in the same format [or lack thereof] and an exchange will occur.

Here are some examples:
Selené + Mom
Me: Mornings <--My grammatically horrible version of "Good Morning"
Mom: You're late
Me: ...Mornings!
Mom: Go get ready for school
Mom: You're annoying
Me: ...
Mom: You're noisy
Me: .......
Me: .......
Mom: Shut up...
Me: [stops breathing to refrain from making noise]

Thus, I shall be presenting, every once in a while, cliché (and I mean VERY cliché) phrases.
Time to really start thinking before speaking!

Phrases that just DON'T work: Part 1
Everyone is Unique.

Yes, I believe everyone has heard of this one before, either at school or in another environment. Teachers say it, your parents say it, random people on the street say it, people live by it, etc etc...but has anyone really thought of what it really means?

Everyone is Unique = Everyone is the same because everyone is unique...

I mean really...what was the use of bringing that up in the beginning? If I wanted someone to tell me I am not a failure in life, its way (and I mean WAYY) easier (and better!) to say something like: You are a very unique person!

...I know that would make ME feel a LOT better...