Friday, December 25, 2009

HO HO HOedown!

You: You left?

Sorry for the long silence, but I'm finally backs! Had to work out some school kinks [I got grounded >.<] but now I should be back-ish...ish...

Anyways, here to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate it, I hope you all are having a wonderful winter (summer?) getting ready for the 2010 year!

I also want to thank everyone up to this point for supporting me through my short 2009 year of blogging! I know I only started 19 days ago [OMG! Really?] and that there is still a LOOONG and harsh road to go, but knowing that there is someone, somewhere, who had glanced at my post when browsing their dashboards for more interesting blogs to read really makes me feel happy inside. Please continue to be patient as I try my best to improve with blogging and enlarge my teeny tiny blog!
[EDIT: And thanks for all the comments too! I replied to all of them O.o I think...but I don't think anyone knows when I reply...Google! Please put a reply button on Blogger!]

[racing the clock to finish by exactly midnight]

About my holiday resolutions *cough*  *cough* ....yeah...they never got finished. I guess getting grounded never was part of my schedule, so I shall now make them into New Year Resolutions! [Yay for Procrastination!] and hopefully get them done before the 2020 fireworks fly off over my head...[please don't keep high expectations of me!].

[Gosh..I write so slow...]

[5 more minutes!!!!]

So thats that. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts in the near future as Simplistic Complications attempt to turn over a new leaf and start off the New Year with a more Bang-y BANG!

Thanks everyone!!
Have a very, VERY Merry Christmas! Lets all work our best and leave the 2009th year with a happy ending!

Today's Surroundings: Clouds
Today's Object: Twine
Today's Feelings: Purple-ish Blue-ish Green