Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Hindrances

Blogging from School: Take 1!

Ahh...there's still another 19 days till Christmas, but already I am feeling that surge to want things...I must be such a bad kid
[To Santa: I'm Sorry!] ...

Anyways, I decided to make myself a list of stuff I should accomplish between today and Christmas...because it seems like the Holiday Lazyness Syndrome has come early to my room this year.

Serené's list of Holiday To-Do's:
*SCHOOL: Pass Math Test
   Self Explanatory (Although I should be studying right now...)

*SCHOOL: Finish English commercial assignment
  Making a preview of Shugo Chara's newest Ending Song (Bravo!   Bravo! by Buono)

*SCHOOL: Start Planning for the next Debate Contest
*SCHOOL: Start & Finish Creative Writing Club assignment
*SCHOOL: Plan for the great S.L. for her visit to my school
*Make fandub of  最想念的季节 for Christmas   (Youtube!)
*Record my parts for fandub Duet with MichiyoStar   (Youtube!)
*Set up the Christmas Tree
*TENTATIVE: Christmas Shopping (Me = Broke)

And further stuff, because I'm just such a bad person...
Serené's Wishlist:

And THAT is the end of my list...
Although I should post up a New-Year Resolution...

Today's Surroundings: Crowds
Today's Object: Paper and Ink
Today's Feelings: Beige