Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Memories can be Spooky Things

Blogging from School: Take 2!
Anyways, here is moi blogging from business class...

I've decided that we should warn other people before giving them a flashback, simply because flashbacks are not always the same wonderful things that we see in movies and books.

Why am I saying this, you ask?

Mr. DramaTeacher decided yesterday to give us a class of REMEMBERING. We had to do a monologue assignment and so he decided, like the good teacher he was, to help us remember the past so we would know what to talk about (the monologue was supposed to be about something that happened in the past) Thus, he told us all to sit and listen to him talk, and he attempted a very physiological sort of class where he used a story to get us into a state of mind to remember the past.
The class, or at least a summary of it, is as follows:
Mr.DramaTeacher told us to close our eyes and he turned off the lights. He then used a calm voice to tell us to remember a house/building of a well-known relative. He told us to imagine a whole bunch of details inside the house/apartment and had us (in our minds) walk up a set of stairs to the attic. Then he told us to imagine finding a chest in the said attic and that we found a photo album in the chest. According to him, we also found some other memorable items from our life.

Doubtlessly, all that imagining made all of us remember what happened when we were young (Mr. DramaTeacher is very good at succeeding!) But he seems to have forgotten, or rather, was not expecting the results of this very unusual class.

By the end of the class, half of the students had teary eyes and the whole group of 20-something teens were very quiet/depressed. I myself had teary eyes by the middle of the activity and had to quickly pull myself out of the state of mind Mr. DramaTeacher had put me into to refrain from becoming a total mess in school.
It was quite an awkward situation...

It seems like memories can really be something very scary or painful to dig up....I would imagine that Mr. DramaTeacher would not attempt this activity again with the next class.

For the time being though, I advise y'all to warn others before pulling this "Memories-Be-Here" trick.

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