Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today... snowed...

and snowed...

and snowed...

and snowed.

And then it rained...
Woe is me

Seriously though, I HATE snow...expecially the first snowfall
Let me explain why:

Serené's list of hate-able snow reasons:
* It is COLD
* It is HEAVY
(when one has to shovel it)
* It is WET
* It takes up a LOT of space
(when one runs out of lawn to shovel the snow to)
* It is TIRING
(particularly when one has to swim through it on the way to school)
* It is COLD
* It is BRIGHT (My eyes!)
* It covers EVERYTHING
* It is slippery
* It is not water-efficient
(environment people should stop telling us about saving water by closing our taps and instead focus on saving water by NOT SNOWING...)
* It is COLD

And did I mention that it is cold?
Seriously, woe is me...

Today's Surroundings: Sunlight
Today's Object: Water Bottle
Today's Feelings: Brown