Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

Just a quck message to say: HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!
Thank you again for your support this year!

Here's a prize?

A little mosaic of words
that come into my mind when I think
of the New Year

Sorry this is such a short post...
Currently busy making the last piece of
2009 history

I sent out 20+emails today...

Anyways, enjoy everyone!
And once again: Happy New Years! May joy find each and every one of you in 2010, and may we all succeed in breathing!
Best wishes!

Today's Surroundings: Bliss
Today's Object: Typeset
Today's Feelings: Orange

EDIT: I wonder if the automatic post thingy work? Anyways, I'll be here guarding in case it fails me >.<