Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok is to the Eyes of the Questioner

Language Complications ~ Part 4

This was actually something I first encountered when I was learning the English language, but I was reminded of this today when I slipped on ice...

I'm sure everyone has heard of this one by now, and its one of those dreaded questions that can only be responded in one way. Allow me to give you an example:

Serené's Drama Project
Me: How's life?
You: Not bad. What about you?
Me: Not much...*punches you in the face*
You: *the pain...!*
Me: OMG! Are you okay?
You: Uhh...*pain!* of course! I'm fineeee!
Me: *punches you again*
You: Arggggh *PAIN!!*
Me: Gosh! Are you alright?
You: Yeah...I'
Me: Good *punches*
You: *dies*
Me: Goodness gracious! Are you ok?
You: uhh...yeah...
Me: *steps on you and walk away*

Yeah...something like that. Seen it happen before? Well now you have!

This one was a huge dilemma for me back in grade 1. Being the type of person who is prone to accidents one cannot describe, I heard it very very often. However, I never really understood what it was for.

I mean, how CAN you POSSIBLY be fine? I especially hate those really persistent peoples...something like this:

Me: *trips*
Human: Are you ok?
Me: *bleeds*
Human: Are you OK?
Me: *bleeds some more*
Human: ok?
Human: Are You Okay?
Me: *dies from lack of blood* happens...
This is the perfect example of things in our world that ruins the innocence that little kiddies have...I still remember the first time I lied...:

Me: *falls off the monkey bars*
Human(s): Are you ok?
Me: *cries*
Human(s): okies?
Me: *bleeds* No I'm not ok! Just leave me alone alright? *sniffles*
Human(s): You ok? Need anything?
Me: ...
Human(s): Are you alright?
Me: ...
Human(s): Are you okay? That was quite a fall there!
Me: Yes, Fine! I'm FINE! OK?!?!?!? PERFECTLY FINE!! See? I can FLY!!!! *hops away*
Human(s): Now I can go to heaven happy
Me: ......

You see? It is THIS PHRASE, and this phrase alone that pushes everyone into making their first lie....
What happens to the Boy who Cried Wolf? He got eaten by the wolf. What about us? Will we get eaten by "Fine-ness" if we continue to lie about it?

Don't ask questions if there can only be one response.
Don't ask questions if you can only accept one response.
DO ask questions if you feel like annoying someone.

And always remember. We're here to save oxygen, one silent post at a time!

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