Friday, January 8, 2010

The THING who's AMA is...BOB?

Language Complications ~ Part 5

Blogging from School: Take 3
And once again, something from business class... <--I'm such a good student...

Today's topic is yet another language time-waster. But this one is becoming a huge HUGE rising problem, especially in schools.
Actually...I'm a very regular user of this I shouldn't really be talking, but ah wells!
...So, you know that thingamabob used by those peoples who works at the place and makes others better? Something like this?:

Serené's Hospital of Sorts...
Surgeon: Pass me the thingamabob please.
Nurse: Here *passes scissors*
Patient: ACK!
Surgeon: Now the thingamajiggy
Nurse: Here *passes saw*
Patient: EKKK
Surgeon: Can I have the whats-its-face
Nurse: Yups? *passes magnifying glass*
Patient: *faints*
Surgeon: Give the patient the thingy
Nurse: Yes *connects patient to medicine drop*
Patient: meh...
Doctor: And now I need that thing
Nurse: Here *hands threaded needle*
Patient: ...Ouch...
Surgeon: Good work Nurse
Nurse: Good work to you too sir!
Patient: I'm glad you guys know each other so well....*dies*

Yeah...and THAT is why I shall NEVER go for surgery... its not actually THAT bad...but still?

This is a UNIVERSAL problem! There are words in all possible languages (at least all the languages I know of anyways...) that fits this position in communication. And I'm willing to bet a jar of oxygen that all the languages that will ever surface in this galaxy (alien or otherwise) will have a word to fit this description.

In fact, this occurring is so widely known that there is actually a SCIENTIFIC name for it! Its called...the Placeholder!
It shares a name with those underlined empty spots in paragraphs when we get homework where we have to "fill in the blanks with the correct answer".
The only difference? One does not READ these said blanks, but one DOES use the word version of the placeholder in everyday language.

What more do I need to say?

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