Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thou Shall Tell Moi How Ye Are!

Language Complications ~ Part 6

Blogging from School: Take 4
Business class...really the only time I can get to a computer at school...
I'm sorry Ms. BusinessTeacher...

You know those questions that always always gets the same response? And that you get so used to it by now that you find yourself expecting the same response when you put these questions in use? The questions, and their answers have become quite routine, and they're seriously no longer needed.

Example after the Jump!

For example, if you go to work on Monday and pass by your boss in the hallway (we shall assume that the reader is in a position to speak quite naturally to their boss, for the purpose of this one experiment), and you, in a natural reaction to make conversation (or trying hard to keep your position at work, whichever one comes first) sends off a simple "How are you doing today?" to which your boss, having really not much else to do, may respond somewhat like thus: "Oh not bad, you?" to which you, the hardworking salary earner, may say something like: "Ohh, you know, Mondays..." and perhaps find yourselves brave enough to act out a very dramatic grimace. To which your boss will reply with: "Ha! I know what you mean!" or something along those lines. Then you will mention your kids, and he will in turn reply with a trivial something about his grandchildren, and the two of you will converse some more about the old lady you may or may not have bumped into while picking up some broccoli for your cat, by which time your conversation will start to turn stale. You will find yourself surfing through your brain for a good excuse to stop this painful conversation, but come up with nothing. However, your boss, being experienced in both years and the amount of pointless talking they must endure every morning, will finish off with a nice helping of weather information, and then bid you good day, before retreating behind the glass doors of his/her office to help himself/herself to some donuts/salad.
Gosh...I should be a movie-scriptwriter...

Back to the point however, questions like these never are very useful. Its like asking the person who sits behind you in Math class (or used to sit behind you...once again, this depends on your age) and asking them what 1+1 is, and expecting the answer to be 2, even though we ALL know the correct answer is the square root of 4.


Perhaps one of the most used and useless questions is this one: How Are You?
I'm fine thank you.
No really, I'm not fine at all. Its COLD!

Case Closed.

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