Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Silence is worth a Thousand Pictures!

Language Complications ~ Part 3

Quick Quiz! If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a silence is worth a thousand pictures, then how many words is a thousand and ONE silences worth?
First person to answer correctly gets a shiny prize! (Comment below if you think you know the answer!)

SILENCES. I'm sure we've all be part of these unfortunate things, and maybe even been the cause of a few of them, right?

Something like this:
Me: *runs into classroom*
Bell: Ding-Dong!
Me: *pants* Sorry I'm late! *Pants*
Class: ...
Me: *pants* *sits down* *pants*
Class: ...Silence...
Teacher: Awkward..? Now, like I was saying, please take out your calculus homework
Class: ...SILENCE!...
          *sound of paper shuffling around*
Me: *pant* Eh? *pant* When did we learn calculus? *pant*
      (I have asthma so ignore the overlong panting please)
Class: *stares* ...SILENCE!...
Me: *pant* *looks at neighbor's textbook* *pant*
Neighbor's Book: "Grade 12 Advanced Math Functions"
Me: *pant* *looks at my textbook* *pant*
My book: "123, its as Easy as A, B, C!"
Me: ...[insert choice swear word here] I'm in the wrong class!
Class: ...silence...

Or like this:
Me You: *walks in*
Creatures: ...silence...
Me You: ...uhh...Hi?
Creatures: ...silence...
Me You: ahaha...aha...ah...
Creatures: ...Silence!...
Me You: (well this is getting awkward)
Creatures: ...SILENCE....
You: Expels Gas
         (Now you know why the "Me"s were crossed out and edited?)
Creatures: ...silence*cough*silence...

Yes...those killing things we call "silences". They are a waste of awkwardness, a waste of space, and a waste of precious oxygen! Especially with the carbon levels so high nowadays, I urge you all to use our oxygen well, and not waste it on things like silences!

Lets have a strike against silences!

Today's Surroundings: Coloured Voices
Today's Object: Globe
Today's Feelings: Pale Purple

PS: Ack. You know that thing you sometimes get when you write (or type) a word repeatedly and then after a while you feel like the word is spelt wrong even though its actually correct? I seem to be getting that with the word "silence" ... wonder how that happened?