Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heart of Stone...Quite Literally!

Deviant Complications ~ Part 2

...And no I don't mean my fact, this isn't even a rant post...

Some of you may remember a post I did earlier on about one particular individual, a Potuck. I had thought before that that incident was only one of 2 "OMG THE WORLD IS WEIRD" moments that a person can meet in a lifetime and a half (the other incident is when we breathe for the second time...does anyone still remember the shock you got when you took your second breath?) but I have been proven wrong. Apparently, these "OMGTWIW" moments frequent our lives more than we may think...

...or is that just because I'm always so concentrated on breathing that I notice things that would normally go unnoticed?

Pictures after the Copyright! (And remember, jumping is less painful than tripping!)

Serené's "Crash Course for Dummies" Geography Edition
Listen up all ye Homo Sapiens out there! Think back (or forward...depends on how old you are I guess..) to that Geography lesson you all had x years ago (again, depends on your age...). The thing about Pangaea and the Rock Cycle and how rocks are formed from heat and pressure and yada yada yada...
Allow me to refresh your memory *clicks the refresh browser button*:

The 3 Types of Rocks:
Igneous Rock = Rock from cooled lava
Sedimentary Rock = Rock from ... sediments?
Metamorphic Rock = Magical Rocks. Changing Rocks, Also known as "RocksWhoAreNotSatisfiedAndLikesToKeepUpWithFashion"

Remember now?
I'm an AWESOME teacher!

However, I'm SURE you're teachers didn't teach you THIS!
I call it...the Koko Rock...
Did I mention my wonderful naming skills?

And of course, simply because I can already imagine you asking "Why Koko? Why not Bob? Or Tutankhamen?", allow me to explain:
Koko is a Serenése word derived from the English(?) word "Coocoo", meaning weird/confused/random and the Japanese word "Kokoro" naming heart. As to why I decided to use Japanese even though its not any of my few languages? Well...because I am a wonderful example of a Coocoo?
Plus, the word for Kokoro is the same as the word for Heart in Chinese, which I DO speak

Anyways, from the name, we can safely come to the conclusion that the average Koko rock is nothing less than a weird and confused rock that seems to believe its a heart.

Do ye spot thou?

Its on the bottom-ish of the picture,
second rock from right,
and HUGE...

I have amazing photo-taking skills?

Yups, that's the one!
This Koko rock currently camps out on the land of a particular to why its called a money tree...well...who knows...maybe its a Koching tree?

After seeing this rock, I decided to show everyone!
Results are as follows:

Mom: Water the plant for me would ya?
Me: Ehhhhh....

Dad: We own a tree?
Me: Ehh...

Grandpa: A rock...I've seen enough of THOSE
             (Grandpa is a retired rock-scientist)
Me: Ehh...
Grandpa: It seems to contain 5% Na, 23.2% H2O, 14.6% Ca 1.7% Sn, 0.0826735% Mg, and 78% rock

Brother: ...
Me: Ehhhh...

Ehh...such horrible family reactions...

Anyhows, here's another picture of the Koko rock!:

Close-up of the world's
first and oldest

Now, my great students, I shall assign you all homework! Go and find a Koko rock of your own! Or really any interesting rocks, for that matter. We shall change the history of the Rock Cycle! [Insert Evil Laughter Here]

Today's Surroundings: Tall Grass

Today's Object: Sand
Today's Colour: Sea-green