Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Ideas, Mammals, and ... Baby Powder?

Ideas ... are meant to be kept safe and quiet, to oneself, and only to oneself.
I see you don't agree...

Well, if you think about it, ideas are very VERY valuble. Expecially when they're going to take you somewhere (like, for example, to the award ceremony). EXPECIALLY when they become the bringers of that extra-fattened paycheck or that 97% mark.
That is...unless the class you get ideas in is in math... utter failure.
Why, you ask? Because according to Mr.MathTeacher, math is all about theory, logic, rules, and understanding. Absolutely no creativity allowed!
I wonder if all MathTeachers hate ArtTeachers?

But wait...this post wasn't supposed to be a rant on math was it? Although that would certainly be a good idea...

Back to the point. Ideas can sometimes be hard to share.
Just to clarify a bit beforehand: We share ideas everyday. We all had to learn from someone, and you get ideas from everyday life, so its IMPOSSIBLE not to share ideas.

Imagine yourself and a co-classmate (or coworker) that you absolutely hate. Imagine that person being smart and geeky and favored by the teacher (or boss) (although I think they already may be). Now imagine of the teacher (or boss) comes up with the 2 of you and informs you that whoever gets the best idea for the next project (school or work) will be promoted to a 110% average (or a huge salary of your choice).
Sharing is caring, right?

I personally have problems actively sharing ideas in a group. I have very weak teamwork skills (I'm sorry!) because I must be either somewhere up top (ordering people around, my ideas, etc) or I don't work with them at all. I'm also not a very talkative person when the topic of "plans for the next english project" floats into my vicinity.

Then you have THOSE people...the types who spend their lifetime trying to hear other people's ideas.
You know...the ones with big noses and even bigger mouths...

Serené's Audience of more than One
Elephant: But I'm innocent! *Teary eyes*
Me: I'm not talking about you...
Crocodile: Well...I don't think my nose is quite as big
Me: *annoyed*
Hippo: The biggest thing I have is my I should be ok, right?
Me: *walks away*

But wait...this wasn't a post about mammal rants either...
What WAS this post about?...

Urg...I give up

The mind of a student during exams is no doubt a very confused one (I blame that on the countless french verbs I've been trying to eat all day)...
Wait a moment...I didn't even start studying for french yet...

Today's Surroundings: Sand-falls
Today's Object: Bitten Pencil
Today's Feelings: Green