Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revenge of the Potuck!

Deviant Complications ~ Part 3

Remeber that Potuck I blogged about WAYY back in the beginning of the world (for this blog anyways..) ahh...such bittersweet memories...the wonderful potato duck lived its much deserved 5 minutes of fame, before finally succumbing to the depths of the universe to live out the rest of its spiritual life in peace and happiness....

The End.

...Wait...whats this? Has some un-innocent homo-sapien, armed with pen in hand, decided to write lines of scrawny text onto the back cover of this battered library book? And thus killing the possibility of sweet and happy dreams (or at least unbroken nights of sleep) for thousands of readers?
[Cue mystery horror music]

Do...NOT...CONTINUEEEE! You have been warned!
Ah well, lets read!

Apparently Newton was right after all....
"To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" seems to also be the case when it comes to revenges.
And under the same reason, life after death has now been proven to be true.

The Potuck who has first came into this world through a potato is now here...with the help of corn flour.
Spreading terror everywhere!

RAWRS! . . .

Sadly to say though, Version 2 didn't fare that much better than the original. It has sadly been murdered by my hungry Grandpa...
But not before it was able to successfully burn my brother (yes, my brother decided to pick it up while it was still steaming in the pot)...

I have a strange feeling that this won't be the end of our Ducky Days...'re next!

Today's Surroundings: Fresh Tree Stumps
Today's Object: Textbooks
Today's Feelings: Pale Parchment

PS: I apologize for the really bad attempt at writing horror stories..