Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello? Focus Please?

Life Complications ~ Part 9

I personally am not a very "Green" human being, and there's no use lying about that.
I do the usually routines as everyone else, recycling when I can, closing the lights when I don't need them, not wasting water, using reusable water bottles, etc.
But when it comes to extra things to help our world, I would much rather be comfortably at home doing what I normally do.
I am such a modest human being...

However, even with my totally non-cool secret out, this particular News Item makes me quite worried...

Serené's SHORT News Summary for the Blind
Ehh, do I have to? Go read yourself, reading is good for you!

I'm not a very green person, I will definitely not lie about that
But this makes me very worried...

All very interesting, but I don't think we need to worry about that at the moment...

What is happening is OPPOSITE
We will evaporate, not condense!
Lets concentrate on the real problem, shall we?
Today's Surroundings: Harsh Corners
Today's Object: Polish
Today's Feelings: Brown

PS: I'm getting old...I kept on forgetting that I had a Vocal Test at lunchtime in school, I had to reschedule my test 2 times already with my teacher, and I forgot again today...