Saturday, May 8, 2010

Humans ... No Really?

Life Complications ~ Part 10

Disclaimer: If you are know for being very unsure of yourself, or if you have suffered large amounts of depression and confusion over WHO and WHAT you are, please stop reading at the period, and move your mouse to the "x" button to close this window.

Extra Disclaimer: If you are one of the people described by the aforementioned disclaimers, and you're currently reading this, please ensure that you have a will, and insurance. Also, if you belong to a religion, please give yourself the time to pray.


Mr.SupplyScienceTeacher came on Friday to start off my class on "Ecology - The Study of Where You Live" (also known as "The Science of Stalking"). All was going fun and well until he mentioned something that was QUITE interesting.

We all know that the Status Quo in our planet is that Humans (HomoSapians!) Are the rulers of the planet. We are on the tippy-toppy of the food chain, and we have more power than everyone else that shares our oxygen. We are, in short, the most evolved, and the smartest animal alive that is currently known.

However, we may be loosing this position very soon.

Think of it this way: Humans have always been said to be the most adaptable species. Now, back in the stone ages, adaptability meant changing oneself to fit the environment. It meant growing fur when it got cold, and shedding fur when it gets warmer. But now, in the 21st century, it meant choosing to wear extra clothing when it gets cold, and vice-versa.
We're stopping our own evolution. We don't need to change anymore, because we can make the environment adapt to us.

The problem?
Humans have also been told to be the most evolved species. Its evolution that turned us from our old (monkey?) selves into our new HomoSapianic looks. Its evolution that won us our tippy-toppy position in the center of the world.
But now? We're no longer evolving. Everyone else is catching up....

If you happen to think along the lines of: "Whew, I'm glad we're not evolving anymore. I don't want to be troubled by extra body hair!" then you are most sadly thinking down the wrong road. Although evolving might sound quite weird, there are many ways it can help us. For example, the global rate of skin cancer has gone up, and its scientifically proven that naturally darker skin can help protect you from such cancers. So evolving can mean going a shade or 2 darker.

If one day, we lose our tip-top position, where will you be?

Today's Surroundings: Underwater
Today's Object: Oxygen Bubble
Today's Feelings: Dark Turquoise